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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The SOP provides the task order procedures and guidelines for usage and management of task orders under the NIHBPSS III Vehicle. Click on the icon to access a PDF version of the document.

This document is the SOW that was provided in the NIHBPSS RFP. It provides a detailed overview of the services vendors will provide. Refer to our "Services" page for a look at each of the five task areas offered under this vehicle.
Task Order Procedures Handout

This document provides the high level task order procedures from creating a TORP, to evaluation and award, to managing the awarded task order. Refer to the SOP for a more detailed description of the task order process.
Fact Sheet

The fact sheet provides a quick overview of NIHBPSS, including the services, vendors, and contacts. Click on the icon to access the fact sheet.

This document is the contract that was signed by all vendors and includes all the applicable regulations and contractual information.
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Pre-Award resource section

Creating TORP

Click the button to the left to create a task order. The first step towards initiating the NIHBPSS III task order process is completing a Task Order Request Package (TORP). The TORP will provide details of the specific services requested. This document will guide you through the information required.
Sample Determination and Findings

Use this sample Determination and Findings document when preparing a Labor Hour type TORP.
Required Selection Recommendation Document (SRD) Template

After completing the award analysis, the Task Order Contracting Officer Representative (COR) prepares an SRD to document the evaluation and provide a rationale for selection. The Program Support Team has developed an SRD template to facilitate this step.
Sample Selection Recommendation Document (SRD)

A sample SRD has been provided for reference. SRDs should provide sufficient detail for NIHBPSS III CO to understand your selection.
Funding Memo Template

Funding must be available for every requirement. If the total value (base plus option years) of your task order is less than $250,000, this funding memo template will suffice and can be made part of your TORP. If greater than $250,000, an acquisition plan will be needed.
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Post-Award resource section

Customer Feedback Survey

Customers, please populate one of these surveys per task order so the NIHBPSS III Program Support Team can focus on continuous improvement and help you have the best experience possible with this contract.

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