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Task Area Overview


Support under this contract will include business and professional support services. A brief description of the task areas is given below. Click here for printable version of NIHBPSS III Base Contract SOW and a detailed description of the task areas.


Task Area

Brief Description

Task Area 1 Financial Analysis, Business Solutions, and Acquisition Lifecycle Support.

Task Area 2 Business Process Improvement and Organizational Assessment.

Task Area 3

Communication and Training.

Task Area 4

Program Planning and Management Services.

Task Area 5

Policy Devopment, Implementation, and Administration.

Task Area 6

System Integration Work - Note: All services in this Task Area are to be used only in direct support of the other Task Areas.

Task Area 7

Center of Excellence (CoE) Support.

Task Area 8

Human Resources (HR) Solutions.

For a printable version of NIHBPSS III labor categories, please reference the NIHBPSSIII sample Labor categories .

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